"I absolutely love it! I can't say enough good
things about the Linesafe! I'm installing the
second unit at my folks home!"

Jerrie, North Carolina
"Best security device I've
found yet."

Kevin, Oklahoma
"I bought a Linesafe back in May of
this year. I installed it and it is
awesome...in fact my neighbor
wants to buy one."

Malcolm, Florida
"Sweet product, my neighbor is

Tim, Oklahoma
"Thanks so much, your product
helps me feel safe again."  

Wanda, Florida
"Thank you for your Linesafe.
Please keep selling them.
A+++ item."

Edmond, Washington
"Every one needs one. I got a second
one for my mother. Great product!"

Terry, Oklahoma
"Very good product."

Glenn, Illinois
"Well designed and constructed. Easily
installed, perfect...very pleased."  

John, Oklahoma
"Linesafe is the best home
security investment I've made.
I wouldn't be without it."

Ally, Georgia
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