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By Collin Perry
Westinghouse Security Found
Liable for Clients' Cut Phone
Lines, Forced to Pay $1.7M
...In addition, alarm systems, even some of
the more expensive wireless models,
easily be defeated by cutting the phone
to police or private security
companies.  Still, many experts say that
alarm systems may be deterrents if they are
properly maintained and used in conjunction
with all the basics. Before deciding on one,
interview at least three companies, then
request an onsite survey from your police
department's crime-prevention unit.
sure to encase all outside phone wires
in a pipe....
BEXAR COUNTY, Texas --- Westinghouse
Security Systems has been ordered by a Bexar
County jury to pay $1.7 million to a couple whose
1,500 pound safe was stolen after
burglars cut
their phone wire, deactivating the alarm
 The jurors agreed that Westinghouse
Security was knowingly deceptive, because it
had not explained that the
alarm system could
be deactivated by cutting the phone line.
The safe contained $459,000 worth of guns,
Rolex watches, gold coins and jewelry. The
remainder of the jury's award to Frank and Adele
Morris is for punitive damages.  Adele Morris
was home with the alarm system activated when
the burglary occurred. She was bound and
gagged for 30 minutes while the burglars loaded
the safe onto the car using a dolly.
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