Your most immediate link to help in a home
emergency, is your telephone line.  You may not be
aware of this, but in most cases this line can be
easily cut.  
The Criminal knows this.  He also
knows that when this happens, your phone won't
work.  Even a monitored alarm system, which
depends on a phone line, is rendered virtually
ineffective.  It simply cannot work like it's supposed
to.  This could leave you and your family vulnerable.

When you dial 911 from your home phone, the
emergency operator instantly knows your name and
address.  Even if you can't vocalize your location,
they know exactly where to send help.  When your
monitored alarm system is activated, it instantly
makes a phone call to the monitoring station, and
they in turn notify local authorities.  Both of these
emergency systems are completely dependent on
your phone line.  Protecting that link is vital to your
home security.

The solution is LINE
safe.  If you depend on a
monitored security system, LINE
safe can fortify it
by protecting its connection to help!  Even if you do
not have a home alarm system LINE
safe can
protect you and your family by protecting your
phone line.

safe is a 16 gauge steel strongbox that
completely shields the telephone network interface.  

The remaining, exposed portion of the phone line is
protected by a uniquely designed
double wall
 This patented system allows your
telephone line to receive 360 degree encasement
without disconnecting.  

With your security in mind, LINE
safe is designed
with not one, but two locking access doors, each
one with a tamper switch, that can trigger your
alarm in case of intrusion attempts.  

If the first door is breeched, your home security
alarm will be activated.  The monitoring station will
contact authorities while the criminal stares at
another steel door keeping your phone line safe and

The outer door is hinged and the inner door is
removable to allow easy access to the telephone
network interface for testing or repair.

There is a third tamper switch on the back to detect
any attempt to pry the LINE
safe away from the wall
of the home.

Two locking access doors, three tamper switches,
double wall conduit, and one more line of defense.  
vibration switch will detect any hammering,
prying, or sawing on the LINE
safe system.

safe is the most complete telephone line
protection system available anywhere.  

safe you can have peace of mind
knowing your family and home have the best, first
line of defense against a cut phone line.

LINEsafe can be easily installed by a
For installation instructions:
Purchasing LINEsafe is
easier than you may think.
One Year
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Exposed Telephone Line Network Interface. Burglar can easily cut phone line and deactivate home security alarm system.
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Without LINEsafe, a simple snip... with a pair of
wire cutters, can render your phone useless and
you and your family unprotected.
LINEsafe becomes an armored guard for your
phone line and for your
home security alarm system.
LINEsafe is a First Line defense system
against criminals who cut phone lines.
LINEsafe dimensions are 15"x13"x6" and the
conduit is 5' long.

safe is UL listed and is patented in the U.S..
Linesafe Front Door Sensor Alarm Protection. Activates home security alarm if burglar tampers or intrudes.
Linesafe Inner Door Sensor Alarm Protection
Phone Line Protected by Linesafe Telephone Line Protection System. Criminal can't cut telephone line to stop call to home alarm central monitoring station
If safety is on your mind...
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LINEsafe provides the ultimate
telephone line cut protection for your
home security and family safety
Life offers enough risks.™